The Sherlock Holmes Effect

I admit I admire Sherlock Holmes a lot. He’s a very clever asshole. He doesn’t care for things not mandatory to his work and he doesn’t care for social standards, not even moral ones. He found the one thing in life to dive head right in and everything else is meaningless. (The sun could circle around the moon and he wouldn’t care)
I so wanted to be like that. To have found the one single thing in life that I’m so passionate about that nothing else matters anymore. And then I found it and I realized that everything else may keep me entertained but they don’t give me that feeling I get from the one single thing.

I had a shitload of hobbies. Things that kept me entertained but sooner or later I realized I can’t buy all those videogames nor do I have the time to play them. The same with books. Even if you never ever leave your place again you will never be able to read all of those books you want, bought or are interested in. That’s a fact that left me pretty disappointed. In a world where you can have everything and buy everything, time is none of them.
As kids we play with all sorts of toys to have variety which is good btw! We learn a lot from variety but as we grow older we realize that we can’t have all of it, nor do we need it! So we have to be selective. Not only with material things, also with behavior. Do you really have to press F5 on Facebook again or refresh your Instagram app for the gazillion time today?

You can’t have everything if you still want something from yourself!

You can’t keep up with everything on Facebook, you can’t talk to your friends everyday to stay up to day, you can’t have great conversations with your family, go to work, read, do the dishes, cook and do laundry, play that game, refresh Facebook and still keep on with your #1 passion. The day only has 24 hours!
Be selective and allow yourself to be!
Everything you need in life is to breath, eat and sleep. To be down to the real essentials that keep your body running (and maybe exercising from time to time). To eat and sleep you need food and a home. That comes with a job. That’s something you can’t really walk around it unless you won the lottery.

And then ask yourself: Does the world explode if I don’t watch the millionth cat video? Does it stop turning if I don’t reply to that email immediately? Does it explode if I don’t [fill with whatever you think you need to that’s not mandatory to your health or your working situation]?

No, it doesn’t! (if you have kids, please put them first! They can’t help themselves until a certain age.)

Know your priorities for yourself and no one else. If someone else is expecting you to get forward with your hobbies (play that game, read that book, do that crafting, cooking whatever) tell them to screw themselves. If YOU don’t want it for real, why should you do it for someone else?
Would you take a knife and stab yourself just because someone else would be happy then or expect you to? (I hope not!)

If you don’t feel comfortable with the clutter in your life, sort it out! Get rid of all the things you don’t really have to do nor want!
Once you have found the number 1 thing in your life you wan’t to do, there are enough things to do. Believe me!

I’ll explain it on my #1 passion: writing.
You can’t only write into your notebook, paper or whatever you put your thoughts in! (Unless you are real genius!) If you want to move on with your writing, get experience and evolve you have to learn. To learn you need input. Books about writing, books that already have been written, interview from other anchors, internet pages that help you and for all of those things you need the time to read them and learn from them! Take notes, reread it and what not! Consuming takes time. (Consumes time, I know!)

But to the essential, everything is in your brain! Your brain! Not anyone else and all that matters is what’s inside your head.
Writing is a skill that needs time to master. It’s a skill like every else skill! To learn a language you need lessons, practice and time. To learn the violin (oh boy!) you need lessons, practice and time.

You can have lessons for writing, too! I bet there are a lot of workshops, writing-clubs and book-clubs in your area! For writing you need practice! Write a lot! Good, bad, filthy, poetry, just don’t stop practicing. For writing you need time. Get that time! Give yourself the time to write, learn and evolve!
The more important thing even if you have time on your hands, you only have a limited amount of nerves (others call it energy).

When I finished university I thought “Oh my God, I have to know economics, politics, social media, what’s going on around the world, in the life of my friends and still share time with my family!”. You can’t have all of this!
You can input 24 h a day but soon nothing will fit into your head anymore. In a time where information is cheap and everywhere (just turn on the TV or open your browser) we have even less energy and nerves for all of this. We are flooded with information. So again we have to be selective and I like to keep it with Sherlock Holmes there again. He shooshes everything out of his head that’s not important to his life or case now. (His mind palace is probably stocked anyway) But still he knows a lot of science, chemistry and every other field and that comes with time and experience.

Want to know about how social media works? Read and practice it. Experience and time. No one expects you to be an expert in a field you don’t know about yet.

You are neither a robot nor a computer. You are a human being!

What’s your #1 passion?


One thought on “The Sherlock Holmes Effect

  1. You’re absolutely right. It’s easy to just fall into trying to do everything at once, and so guaranteeing that you’ll fail, because there’s too much. That mental de-cluttering, focussing on the thing that matters, is probably the single healthiest thing a person can do.

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