Life is like a hidden object game

Sometimes life is like a hidden object game. (I know they are casual and dull, but I just love them) You stand in front of a window and need to get in to continue your path but instead of just picking up the brick from the ground, the game tells you to look for something else. Something that fits through the small slot to open the window without breaking it or you stand in front of a pile of earth and need to dig something out. Instead of just doing that with your gloved hands, knife or whatever, you have to look out for a shovel. There is no way around it.
And life is like that, too!

Good things may come easy, but great things don’t

To find your path and your passion you sometimes have to look farther and more deeply. It takes time.
When I was 10 I started imagining stories in my head. I have a great imagination that pops up stories so fast that I’m only writing down a small percentage them. It’s great but sometimes my imagination is annoying, too. (Especially when it comes to real life scenarios)
When I entered a higher education I wanted to become an artist, doing something creative in as a job. It didn’t go so well and painting, drawing and designing didn’t provide me with the passion I was looking for.

So I started to write and it took me 4 years to realize what was so close. That this is the only thing in life I’m really passionate about and that I love. I may not be Stephen King, because well, only Stephen King is Stephen King, but I found the number 1 passion and as I said above:
Good things may come easy, but great things don’t.

Not only about your working life. Not everyone can make a business with their passion, only a small percentage can and do. Nevertheless aside from your job, you can find your passion for your free time as well.

Look closer, look further until you found the shovel.


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