When the raven said “Nevermore”

Whenever something tragic happens to people close to me like my family, friends or myself I’m reminded of what’s important. Sadly it happens often lately. If the cause of the shift change wouldn’t be so bad, I would praise it.
Whenever something like that happens I have the urge to change something in my life and be more thankful for the little things. Health decreases of a family member or a friend and I’m reminded to thank my body for being healthy. I want a change for the better and look at my own diet. (Eat no fast food, cook more often, eat less sugar and so on)

We only learn, when we learn the hard way

How many times did you say you do sports, eat healthy or do something to become a better person and how many times did you not do it? Be honest! Bad habits don’t change from one day to another. You fall back a hundreds of times, until you learn it the hard way. To avoid the hard way and getting rid of bad habits need a change in thoughts. If you change how you think about something it’s easier to build up new habits, better ones.

Instead of punishing yourself that you didn’t go running change thinking about it. You didn’t go? It’s okay, but next time there is no slacking off and don’t try to come up with another excuse! Whatever bad habit you want to break look at the bright sight of your new good one!
Sport may look scary at first and you are lazy now and you absolutely don’t want to get sweaty now but you don’t have to make it a full hour. Start slow and break it down to smaller pieces. Go running at first, or do sit ups, whatever seems easy for you.

Start with the less scary, distressing or awful part. At least you start and sooner or later other bigger things won’t look so scary anymore, keep it at that for a while and whoosh you broke a bad habit! You fall back; you move forward and make progress. Everything is permitted.

Something on a personal note:
Not to go insane completely, that’s where writing comes in. Whenever such situation comes up and I have a few spare minutes I like to jot down a couple of thoughts and feelings. On the paper means off the chest! Writing helps me in my daily life and forever. Not only to get things off my chest or out of my head, also to express and learn.
Maybe it will help you, too!

Leave the “Nevermore” to the raven!


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