Embrace it!

Christmas! Don’t we all love it? No? The end of the year marks an interesting time. Suddenly we are thankful for so many things and give presents and celebrate with those that matter to us. We get in the mood and are surrounded by all this buzz and busy mixed up with cinnamon scent. But shouldn’t we be thankful for a lot of things and people in our love during the year and not just at one single day (Thanksgiving) and present others small offers our attention (Christmas)?

Yes, yes life is oh so busy and we have to think about so many other things but standing still, breathing in and be thankful for everything is important as well. I like to thank life itself for being healthy and others I know for being there for me. Whenever I see something that reminds me of a family member or a friend I’d like to tell them, write them a letter or a card. Yes, we should do this more often.

The one week from Christmas to the day after New Year’s Eve feels so out of place for me. It’s like it exists and yet it doesn’t. You lose track of the time and days just fly by. We are all so busy but I don’t think about it as wasted. We shouldn’t mourn about the time we have to spend in the kitchen cooking or wrapping presents. We should embrace it! That time of the year I like to do things I haven’t done in a very long while. On Christmas Eve I did a puzzle. Yes, you read right, a colorful puzzle. Something I haven’t done since I was ten! I was sitting in front of dozens of pieces not knowing where to start first and yet have so many possibilities to.

The day after I just sat down and sliced potatoes for a salad in the dim light of the kitchen, voluntarily. Just the potatoes and me. Not minding the time I don’t spend with any media in front of my computer away from TV, books and mails. Not being available for a while. The world may not explode without me. I would have never bothered to do so before. For usual I would have thought how much I waste my time. Life is so short! But not now! No, not now! That time of the year is made for unusual things and it’s not wasted at all.

A new year is about to start soon. Let there be no regret at the end of the last one.


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