The same procedure as every year, James!

Happy New Year! Well, not quite yet but I can predict the future! I can predict you are making good resolutions for next year, don’t you? I always tell myself I should not do them, because I can’t keep them anyway but deep down I do them at least one or two.
Why do we do good resolutions?

Yeah, why? Because we reflect the old year and see all the mistakes we did and flaws we have and want to do better. I say: Bullshit! You should not look back, you should look forward! A brand new year is about to start! Brand new, no mistakes made and even though: Make them! Lots of them!
I put everything I want to achieve and do on a piece of paper and then I crumble it and throw it away. No piece of paper tells me what I want, my head and my soul do. Write your good resolutions down, a mile long list if you like and then throw it away. You´re not gonna keep them anyway because changes take time and they come slow, but that’s nothing bad.

If you need a new year to change and do things then you have 356 days to wait. Do you really want that? You can do things during the whole year. During 356 days to be exact. Make changes and take chances every now and then if you feel like it. Don’t wait up for something to happen or to come.

I wish you a very happy new year. May it bring the best for you!


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