Where ponies romp

I follow quite a lot of artists on the internet and always like to look at their great drawings and pictures. Once many years ago I wanted to become an artist, too. (Actually I’m one, but I use words instead of a brush)
Ever so often as I look at such drawings, paintings and whatnot I catch myself and think: “I should write more. I should push more forward. I should create more….” But sometimes I can’t. We are not robots that can always be creative and create, create and create. There is a time of not doing anything. I don’t want to call it rest, because rest is something very small.
Instead of thinking: “I should…I should….I should….so much time is passing and I haven’t done anything! Life is so short.” (Life is short indeed but it’s also long enough) We shouldn’t blame ourselves. Instead accept it but not forget it! This is no ticket to utterly laziness!

Keep your goals close and in mind but don’t paralyze yourself with “should”

Taking a break and doing something else is actually quite helpful! It enables you to get insight into something else and maybe adapt that to your art (or whatever is yours). Even if it’s just for one hour. Take a break, dive into something different and be open minded. It may aid to your creativity. (Make your own peanut butter for example!)
I just say, with all the busy, buzz and pressure of today’s life, it is okay to take a break once in a while. Be a jolly horse and frolic around!
(absolutely no relevance to my disappearing for so long)


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