Off dwarfs and dragons

As many of you know the Hobbit aired, but I’m not going to give you a review now. (I love it btw!) The movie made me think how much we love fiction and created worlds. Everything seems so “easy” there. Doesn’t it seem nice to roam Middle earth and have adventures? Everything seems so convenient there. You don’t see anyone grow a beard during the long travel and need to shave, nor shower, nor wash their hair.

We love fiction because it’s fiction

We love fiction because it let us escape for a few hours into a different world with different problems and we like to tag along. Tag along a hobbit that has to do the dirty work, tag along a dwarven king that wants to claim back what is his, tag along with a wizard that has to face a greater evil.
But besides all that great fiction aren’t our lives adventures, too? We may not fight with bows or swords but there IS a dragon we have to face in our life and sadly it’s name is not Smaug. (I think it would be easier if it would be)

His name is: Fear!

If you really want to achieve your goals you have to fight that dragon day by day, step by step. Over and over again and he’s not a nice fellow! He is able to paralyze you and give you pathetic thoughts. His worst spell: making you give up.
Safety may be nice. After all it makes you end up alive at the end of the day but when it comes to goals in your life you should not always depend on it. I’d like to give you my personal favorite example: J.K.Rowling took the risk of unemployment to write her novel, not knowing if even a single person would like it and taking even more risk to send it to publishers over and over again for a year. (I don’t know if this is really true, I read it in an interview from her) She took unemployment to write.

Please, don’t quit your job now! I just gave you an example. With unemployment comes the risk of never getting a job again. At least where I live it is hard to get one again, once you are without a job for a longer time unless you have a high education. Rowling never knew if her book would sell or if someone would read it anyway beforehand.

More recent example: G.D.Falksen (The Ouroboros Cycle, Blood In The Skies) I don’t know if he could have foretold his famous and all the hype about his work as he started. I don’t think so and yet he continued. I’m sure he had doubts, because all artists have but he continued anyway and became known.

If you can’t achieve your dreams in fulltime because no one wants to life under a bridge then you can still achieve then in your free time. I know you have less of that. Some of us only have two days a week as free time, others more and others even less. In this free time you are supposed to take care of yourself, your home, your kids/husband/other human beings, your pets and your dreams? I say YES! Yes it is possible! You don’t believe me? Look back at your life and the skills you have learned. It took time but you still have those skills (maybe learned a language or two).

It takes time if you have a less amount of that but it is possible. Little by little, step by step, day by day. Don’t get caught in your old rut elsewise you do not seem to really want to achieve your dreams. (I catch myself ever so often playing a casual game for the second hour a day, meaningless to my dream in any kind of way. We get distracted) You do not have to achieve them tomorrow and as we all know it takes time and one day it will pay out or not. (But I’m sure it will!)

If writing a book is your trade and goal then make progress by first reading a lot and various, write every day even if it’s just half a page about your thoughts, take tips, read tips, start a story no matter if you finish it or not.
Progress every day. Achieve ever so often. Make effort. It will pay out.

What are you waiting for? Pick up your sword and shove it down the dragons’ throat!


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