Off ground

We all have to deal with disappointments and knock downs. It happens and life cannot only be sunshine. Lately I have been knocked down and lost ground. The past half a year was pretty disappointing and it continues to be BUT instead of being sad and cry I refuse to let such events take away my good mood and enjoy a great day.
I know, I know, I hear ya saying: “But it’s devastating and of course you can say something like that. That’s easy!” For usual I would agree on this and I always found it hilarious how people could easily say: “Don’t be sad. Life is great.” If things are getting worse and I shook my head often when I read about it but it changed! Today I’m the one who was knocked down and refuses to take away my happiness and joy of life.

There is a saying in German: “If you fall off a horse, you get up again, brush off the dirt and get back on!” or for short: “Trial and error”. It’s easy to say something like that and I hated that saying because sometimes it’s not just that easy, but today I can say it is and even if it’s only by denial. I still refuse to be sad. I just refuse.

Life is great! It’s awesome! You only have one, so you get the chance to make the best out of it and sometimes things take a tad longer than you wish to.
Sitting down and crying has not helped anyone to move forward. Only actions do! Instead of being paralyzed I take on actions. You’re not supposed to be sad, disappointed and devastated. Chose how you want to feel!

We tend to forget the little things that make us smile. Look at them if you lost sight of them!

1972286_713837618637479_1076819752_n(Even if it’s just your cat sleeping cute)

Habits, rabbits

This weekend I caught myself with habits from more than a year ago. (Due to a new found obsession) I don’t care if others think they are not that bad, but for me they are and at first I was quite shocked to have fallen back so much! But instead of punishing myself (because who likes that anyway?) I allowed those bad habits to stay for a short amount of time and then let them go.

Punishing myself would have had no effect at all. I’m actually thankful to have fallen back!
By allowing them to stay for an amount of time I acknowledge and address those bad habits and remind myself: Yes, those are your bad habits, here they are, now you know about them and after a certain amount of time you let them go.

And to not leave you with nothing I give you something I have written right after I finished The Silmarillion from Tolkien. (My all time favorite book! I can’t remember how many times I read the part around Feanor and his sons over and over again.)
I wrote a lot of poetry and lyrics when I was a teenager. Since then it has been the first time. I just felt like it. The written words may all be sad but it felt really good and somehow refreshing. (Hence the irony) A change of pace from what I usually write.


In a cold winters blaze
As a whole
Something was lost
Something was found
Feet buried in snow
Smoke of iron fills the sky
Raven black turned the night
All was lost
All was found
In the clashes of swords
Banners lost in the snow
A red moon arose
As we all walk indocile

On admiration and inspiration

More than half a year ago I started to read and follow many blogs. Many of them contained the things I write about on this blog. Reading the written content from those people helped me so much it nearly changed my entirely life and how I view the world today. In short: It helped me a great deal!
I was just a silent reader and admired those people who gave such great advice. I wanted to be like them, too and have a blog and help to change people’s life for the better. But I was too scared to start a blog, too scared that it wouldn’t work out and that it would be indeed to much work to create content on a schedule. (Doesn’t happen but I follow my own advice: You are not a machine!)

In the end I was inspired by admiration. That’s the core magical recipe why we like to look at successful people. They inspire us because we admire them but that’s not enough. Remember when kids say: “When I grow up I want to be like daddy (or whoever)”. They say it, because they admire that person and are inspired by them.

Did you ever catch yourself thinking: “Ah man, I so would like to be (insert successful person you admire).” But that’s all to it, right? Just a thought.
I say: No! That’s not all! We have to take it a step further. We are inspired by admiration to push forward.
If we just always admire but never take the effort to change something and move forward then…well, nothing changes.

And you know what? People like to hear that they inspire you to take actions. Go and tell them! Make them your allies along your way and aim and not your gods.