Off ground

We all have to deal with disappointments and knock downs. It happens and life cannot only be sunshine. Lately I have been knocked down and lost ground. The past half a year was pretty disappointing and it continues to be BUT instead of being sad and cry I refuse to let such events take away my good mood and enjoy a great day.
I know, I know, I hear ya saying: “But it’s devastating and of course you can say something like that. That’s easy!” For usual I would agree on this and I always found it hilarious how people could easily say: “Don’t be sad. Life is great.” If things are getting worse and I shook my head often when I read about it but it changed! Today I’m the one who was knocked down and refuses to take away my happiness and joy of life.

There is a saying in German: “If you fall off a horse, you get up again, brush off the dirt and get back on!” or for short: “Trial and error”. It’s easy to say something like that and I hated that saying because sometimes it’s not just that easy, but today I can say it is and even if it’s only by denial. I still refuse to be sad. I just refuse.

Life is great! It’s awesome! You only have one, so you get the chance to make the best out of it and sometimes things take a tad longer than you wish to.
Sitting down and crying has not helped anyone to move forward. Only actions do! Instead of being paralyzed I take on actions. You’re not supposed to be sad, disappointed and devastated. Chose how you want to feel!

We tend to forget the little things that make us smile. Look at them if you lost sight of them!

1972286_713837618637479_1076819752_n(Even if it’s just your cat sleeping cute)


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