The exciting life of the white rabbit

Ever wondered if you brushed your teeth or not? Well, then your routine might work too well and has become an unconscious self operating system. Time to mix it up!
A well working self running routine is something good. It guarantees that you don’t waste too much energy and that you get to work (or wherever) in time. You don’t have to think about what to do next but once it has become a self running system it’s like playing an old record on a broken gramophone. Life is much more than an old record! Definitely!

Mixing up your daily routine teaches you that life has far more to offer and makes you aware of how you could change your routine for the better. (Since we tend to optimize everything)
If you always eat breakfast at home everyday why not sleep 5 minutes longer and take breakfast on the way or even better: take your breakfast to your working place. Stay up earlier and sit down in a nice Café or the park to enjoy your coffee.
Eat the same cereal every day? Buy different ones or even better: Eat something spicy in the morning instead of sweet. Ever heard of “breakfast for dinner” or “dinner for breakfast”? Try it out!

Coming home you flop on the couch unable to move and just watch TV until bedtime? The next time grab a book or a game or paint. Go to the cinema, take a walk, take a different route to work, help others, meet your friends, go to bed earlier or go to bed a tad later.

Actually the clock is life’s enemy. The more we rely on the clock and time the less we get to enjoy life and the less we take the time to do so. Slow down once in a while and play with your routine.


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