on hold

Sometimes in our life we are put on hold. Either between jobs or when we learn a certain skill (language, instrument or whatever you like) and we don’t see the slightest improvement. I call this: being put on hold. Like in a hotline you are put on hold and you have to listen to this nasty escalator music until someone is free to talk to you.
Being put on hold doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t move on. You actually do! You just don’t realize it. You get impatient because you can’t see any real results. You question your skills and ability and even question if everything was worth it and if not just to quit.


Instead: Look back on how many skills you already achieved and how far you have gotten. Just do and take some credit in it! Yes, you have been put on hold and time is still moving on, but it’s nothing bad. Just like the horribly hotline music is going to end, you are going to move on.
It’s hard and bears a lot of doubt. Especially if you question what you started is really what you want. Is it? Isn’t it? Why don’t I know it anymore? STOP! Don’t think any further.

Yes, sometimes what we want changes and we are consistently forced to consider a lot of elements when it comes to the things we really want to do, not only dream about. Yes, it’s okay to reflect on the things and actions we want but don’t doubt them. You have not forgotten what you really want! You just doubt it and that’s fine. You consider many other elements and your environment by now but you didn’t forget it. It’s there!

If you can’t move forward, look back, but don’t step back!