Get bored + be bored = productivity, creativity, art

Life challenged me, but now I’m back and I like to talk about something that has been discussed quite often lately: You need to be bored, to be creative.
And that’s what I did. Since my driver’s license test came up I just did nothing much except for learning every day. I just stayed bored. (Maybe because I’m afraid I forget certain knowledge when I indulge other knowledge)

I came across this wonderful article that circles around a writer’s advice to a mother whose daughter wants to be a writer and one of the phrases were:

“First of all, let her be bored. Let her have long afternoons with absolutely nothing to do. Limit her TV-watching time and her internet-playing time and take away her cell phone. Give her a whole summer of lazy mornings and dreamy afternoons.”

You need to be horribly bored to reset your mind and you can come up with great things.

I listened to an interview from Stefan Bachmann, who wrote a bestseller at the age of 15. I haven’t read his book “The Peculiar” yet, but I definitely will.
He said that he likes the sea and the massive fog where he lives because it gives him blank space to imagine. Your mind needs to be fog to imagine. Day to day we are flooded with mass media and entertainment and if we are always well entertained (Netflix, Youtube, games and whatnot) one stops to think.
That’s why young children have the best fantasy and imagination of us all! They haven’t been exposed to media for that long and they have no boundaries in their thinking. Everything is free and allowed to them.
If you really want to be creative turn off your phone, computer, consoles, eReaders and take a fucking walk! Be the hell bored! Reset your mind and take out a piece of paper. It can be your best friend at times.

That’s why I’m quite thankful for my horrible Netbook I mostly write on. It has only 1 gb memory and Firefox is lame as hell while I run my writing program. During the NaNoWriMo challenge I had to closely select what I’m about to look up on my browser for my book. There was no checking facebook, twitter and email because my Netbook would just freeze or works very, very slow.

And now comes the best tip ever! If just being bored wouldn’t be enough: expand your mind. Think about the wildest things you can. The NSA might be able to read your mail but they can’t look into your head. Well, someone invented the flat design and imagined it first and before that I’m sure everyone thought it’s too simple to be a success.

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