Lost your way? – Good!

Once in a while we lose sight of what is important to us and suddenly we get lost into things that are not really important. Time will pass anyway right? It will but it will also be lost and will never come back. Once you continue to walk on your lost way you soon realize again what is really important to you and then it’s time to get back on track. Sounds easy, right?

Well it’s not as easy as it sounds and actually it’s a good idea to be lost. It questions what you really want and if you are able to really really do this. Being lost is not a weakness. We are all lost at one point or another. If we lose something we just go ahead and search where we left it. It’s rare that we just go ahead and buy new without searching.

You just need to go back and look for what you lost. And then question it.
Is that really what you want?
Are you sure you can achieve it?
What will change if you do?
What will if you not?
What’s the big you can do to achieve it?
What are the small things you can do everyday towards your goal?

Answer those questions and start with the answer from the last question first. First things first, right? It’s easier to start with. If things are too difficult we tend to procrastinate them.
Start small with only a few minutes a day and raise it slowly before you go all in. The days will add up to bigger things and become a habit. As soon as things become habits they need less effort.

Life is like a highway with bumps, turns and free road but even if you take the wrong exit, sooner or later it will lead back to the highway again….or just a new one.


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