A cats nap

Often enough I look at my cat how she goes on with her daily life strolling in the garden, napping nearly the whole day and reminding me loudly enough of her demands. I often envy her. She just does whatever she feels like and what her needs are.

She has no need to be always productive, to live up to other peoples, societies and her own expectations or continuously expand her skills. She has no need to look for a sense in her life. She has no idea that she is an inspiration to me and how much I appreciate her (even her annoyances). I think this adapts pretty much to us, too.

Have we really an idea how much an advice we give is appreciated? What kind of impact it truly has?
The smile we give neighbors on the street to make their day better?
How much it is appreciated when we are kind to the cashier at the supermarket?

I think not. We have no idea about it and yet we all can relate to that but often enough we forget about the small things that make a difference.

Today I remind you of the small gestures even if you have no idea about their impact nor do you have to. Sometimes the kind small things need no sense at all.


“The stranger you meet today could be your friend or foe of tomorrow. It’s yours to decide.”


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