just a bit more

Today I’m gonna burst your bubbles. Everyone of us chases after a dream in our lives and when we finally really really want to nail them, we start to figure out small everyday tasks towards that goal. We forge those tasks to habits and day by day it will add up. Easy peasy, right?


Passion alone is not enough to reach a goal. Because once in a while there is a fancy TV show, a bad day, bad weather, whatever that doesn’t make us stick to our tasks/habits. Days pass by and you find yourself off track. Where are your goal supporting habits now? All those fancy conclusions you made and all that passion you have?

It takes more than passion

You can have so much passion for something that it hurts but still lack the drive. You need commitment, actions, time management, habits.

Commitment gives you a reason
Actions take you a step further
Time management helps you not to lose your head
Habits support your goals

And that’s me telling you that passion alone is not enough, because I’m stuck on my own. But even if you are stuck with your passion and a goal doesn’t mean that you should just quit. Oh boy, no! There is more to it.
Just a bit of time management to adjust tasks and then day by day they become habits. Habits shift into commitment and self set goals are reached.

Life is a bumpy road but passion even more


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