The glory of imperfection

Whenever I see a fancy notebook (the old fashioned ones with paper for pens) or a fancy pen I think about how much I want it an all the great things I could write in there.
I just don’t buy them because I have literally ten of them lying around and I haven’t used nearly a single one. I always buy them because they are pretty but then again they are too pretty for me to ruin them.
I always think “if I get this I will be really motivated and write great things”.


This is so wrong I don’t even want to start to write down in how many ways.
Even if you get the perfect set for whatever you want you won’t do anything different than with what you have. The 100$ leather bound notebook won’t be different than the 2$ fake moleskine from the dollar store. It has paper and it has lines. What you put INSIDE is far more important and what you put inside doesn’t come with the price tag or the leather. It comes from inside you.
This time I will make something different! I recently got myself up to do some sports. I never did because I was too greedy to put the money down for special shoes, rag or gym. This time I’ll take whatever I have at home and just start. I won’t wait up until I have the money to buy things, nor will I wait until the weather is better.

Just start!

I have a pair of sneakers, I found a jumping rope in the basement, I have a loose shirt and shorts in the drawer and a bandana to put my hair back. I don’t need anything new at all. It won’t get me started more than whatever I have now.
This time the imperfection will get me started. Imperfection will be just perfect.
You don’t need anything new and shiny to start. You just need to be content with what you have and just start.

No excuses. No waiting until Monday/next month/sun or moon.


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