A crows flight

During a booze filled night last weekend I had a disclosure. I sat at my desk and was sad about that my life wasn’t a perfect line as I always imagined it to be and then I realized how dumb that was. It took me one year after my final exams until I went to college and now I will study again in October after another year of unsuccessfully finding a job. Yes, I’m about to get my second Bachelor degree. I have a part time job and I’m going to move this year. In reflect now my sadness was entirely dumb.

Life is never a straight line.

It’s a rollercoaster with ups, downs, bumps and sometimes your cart gets derailed.
Life is never a Pinterest board and I’m not that tumblr-girl with fab abs and huge boobs and I’m totally glad about that.
If life would be a straight line and easy there would be no point in telling other people about it. It would be the same to everyone. It wouldn’t be exciting anymore.

Is that why we like to watch slice-of-life-drama shows on TV? Because we can identify with the characters difficult lives? Because it’s nice to watch someone else fall flat on their noses in life?
Exactly because of!
And yet there is so much we can learn from those shows.
(Sometimes it’s even nice to see someone else taking out the trash bin and talking to their neighbours 😉 )

Sometimes I think:
“What if I hadn’t quit art? I could be a tattoo artist now and maybe a good one”
“What if I would have been better at school? I could have studied something else”
“What if that car had hit me when I was 18 and running across the street?” (Yeah, that’s bollocks I know)

I detest to think about the “what if”s of the past, but what I can think about are the “what if”s of today: What if I choose to practice my skills today? Then I will be one step forward.

Don’t think about the regrets of the past, love your life now and start to enjoy the bumpy ride. That doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. Actually it might make you happier and more experienced.


Because only crows fly straight in a perfect line!


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