Being Human

Sometimes I just can’t be a good person and the world still goes round. Sometimes I just can’t walk the extra mile to really brush my teeth two times a day, cook fresh at home or smile.
Sometimes I just can’t and it’s totally fine.

Everyone of us has good and bad days. Once in a while we end up where all parts of life become work and not living. All those chores become dreadful. Those day when you just can’t get up from the couch and order pizza instead of cooking fresh because you just can’t and don’t want to else wise.
I try to be as disciplined with my habits as I can, but sometimes I just can’t. I just can’t smile much enough at the costumer or the cashier. On some days I just can’t as much as I used to or want to.
When you are really exhausted mentally and physically you don’t have to force yourself to walk the extra mile, because if you always give a 100%; one day you’ll find yourself with 0% left.
(And sometimes I just like to be bad!)

What else comes with being human is that we lose sight of what or who is really important to us sometimes.
Recently life went all busy; lots of things to do at different places and life itself just speed up. A current tragedy that happened to a real dear friend of mine reminded me of how precious life and other people are and how we all lose sight of it in everyday bizz and buzz.

When was the last time you told someone close what they mean to you?
When was the last time you showed them your gratitude?
When was the last time you realized how short life is and the ways you sometimes waste it aren’t good for you?

We all like to do nothing once in a while and that’s completely fine but as it gets more and more frequent we lose sight of what we actually should do and just procrastinate it. We rather spend some more minutes on social media, brainless watching TV or browse through Google images the bazillions of time that day instead of doing what is really important to us.

We think: “Well, those five more minutes don’t make a difference. Just those five more minutes.” But even those five more minutes are precious and they add up quickly and then we look back and regret that wasted time. And the worst thing: We just repeat it.
Somewhere I read the words: “You will not regret the time you spend on your skills and passions but you will always regret the time you wasted on meaningless things.”
No matter how much or less time it will be you put on your skills/passions/dear people. A half an hour is still a half an hour.

Will you rather regret having breakfast with your mom or the time you spend eating alone browsing facebook in the morning?
Will you regret that hour of reading a good book or meaningless refreshing facebook every five seconds?
And yet we all turn towards those meaningless things because we are not aware of that current moment that is now.

Change it! Now is the best moment to start, continue or end something; because life is always



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