New Years….what?

Please guys, refer from making resolutions. You’re not gonna keep them anyway. You don’t need a certain day to change your life (or a certain weather).
And actually the past few month have changed my life a lot and I like to keep it this way and keep changing but sometimes I just like to let life happen and go with the flow not thinking how much better I could spend my time or do all the things. No, sometimes life just happens without a second thought of mine.

Spend time with people, watch brainlessly TV, eat all the things and not worry or think about all the things that need to be done. That’s why I actually enjoy the end of the year the most besides all that bizz and buzz with the holidays, friends and family visiting, presents ect.
Yeah, this has been a really nice end to the year of 2014 and I hope you enjoyed yours as well!

The old year is gone, the new one is here and brings adventures, worries, fears, joy, success, happiness and everything YOU want it to be.

Do ALL the things.
Take ALL the risks.
Live ALL the life.


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