Cold Winters Air

Today something horrible happened in my family. Something that overshadowed my whole day because it does not only feel close but also because I can relate to it a lot. I’m sorry, but I won’t go into details. I found myself unable to focus on something and felt rushed, pressured and sad. I’m glad that I created a certain mindset that allowed me to push that aside. Might not always work but it makes me feel better. I’m glad for my mindset that allows me to see the greatness of life despite all my failures and not fulfilled wishes. I’m hit with bad thoughts quite hard for the past few years but when they show up there is something I repeat in my head:

“Yes, today sucks but tomorrow is another day that will be completely different and you know that.”

This may sound shallow to others or probably many, but it helped me a lot so far.
I had enough of that shadow of todays event and went for a shower. Since I shower with hot water I have to open the windows right away when I’m done and as the cold winters air hit me I couldn’t help but stand there, look at the gray cloudy sky and think how beautiful and precious life is.

I don’t have much. The walls are thin, many things need to be fixed in my place and I still lack a lot of stuff but at least I’m where I’m satisfied.
I wish people could see what I see in the cold winters air.
You are where you put yourself through your decisions in life. Sometimes things are supposed to be the way they are, just because you can’t seem to see a reason why doesn’t mean it has no result in the end.

Realize where you are now and appreciate it, even if it might be dreadful. Failure has it’s reasons and benefits. Tougher times make and break you. They crack you open and make you tougher.

Just breathe in the cold winters air.


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