quote your life

„Where is that written contract you signed before birth promising that you’d be perfect, that you’d never fail, and that you life would go absolutely the way you want it to? Uh, excuse me. There must be some error. I signed up for the „everything will go swimmingly until the day I die“ plan. Can I speak to the management, please?“

Kristin Neff – Self-Compassion

If it would be this easy like in above quote I would totally want to speak with the manager here! Sadly, I’m my own manager in my own life.
We try to blame others so much that we even make up reasons to blame others before we admit to ourselves that we are wrong. Because it hurts to admit that you are wrong and who wants to hurt themselves?

We all want it easy. We just want to live happy and fulfilled lives, but nothing good comes easy. We don’t want to suffer or do all the effort.

Easy come, easy go. Yeah, that’s what happens if you come easy you go easy with nothing. But then again you can pour in effort and gain nothing, that’s what you think but the results may come later than earlier. You just have to keep going even if you see now immediate results.

Everytime we see/read/watch/hear about people who achieved what we just dreamed about we feel like the biggest losers and then when we really get to do what we wanted to, we are “too busy”.

I was always too busy for anything. I thought: Fist school, then university, then work but not doing anything besides that what really matters to me. What I wanted to become. Who I wanted to become. Of course! Because you have to get a degree and you have bills to pay and errands to ran but those successful people do too!
Their success doesn’t fall from the sky and hits them on the head and suddenly the whole wide world acknowledge them.

Not continuously chasing after what I really wanted to be because I was always too close minded about those things above and that was a horrible wrong decision that I regret now and now I slowly change my life because I learn from mistakes.

Sometimes fate/life or whatever has to rub it into your face. Lately I encountered situations, saw and read things that inspired me and reminded me to get my lazy ass up, stop procrastinating and change my mindset.

What was your dream for your life, your plan but didn’t chase it?


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