happiness is a unicorn

Happiness is something so powerful and valuable that everyone seems to want it in their life.

“I just want to lead a happy life”
“I want to be happy to no end”
“I want to see happiness every day”

But guess what: Happiness doesn’t come easy.
Everyone just wants to be happy and this is fine but no one wants to actually work for it. Happiness is something you have to do something for. You have to actively choose it and achieve it.
But why? Actually happiness isn’t something we should strive for. It’s a temporary feeling that comes and goes whenever it wants, mostly not when we want it to. If you want happiness to come easy then you could also wish for a unicorn to show up. It will never happen.
What we really should strive for is contentment. Doesn’t sound as great as happiness, right? But if we are honest to ourselves contentment is what we really want. We just didn’t know the word.
We put far too much credit into such a temporary feeling like happiness. Do you rather be happy a few times in your life or be really content and satisfied with it every day?
That’s why I don’t understand when people ask “Are you happy?”.
Why don’t you ask if I am satisfied?
Satisfaction and contentment are so far stronger than a glimpse of happiness. It’s easier to achieve as well.
You have to work for real happiness. It’s not gonna fall into your lap while sitting here and waiting. Until you achieve happiness why not try to be really satisfied with your life? It’s a far stronger state and can be a good drive.
To achieve satisfaction you actively need to open your mind every single freaking day. See the great things in a few sun rays, in the birds chirping, knowing you’re alive and (hopefully) healthy. Open your mind to the great smell of your morning coffee and acknowledge the taste knowing that you are able to have one, that you can afford one. Then you’ll see what you gain is not happiness; it’s true satisfaction.

Far, far more valuable then happiness.
Because happiness is a unicorn.


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