Sunday mornings

This morning I witnessed the killing of a pigeon through a vehicle. I read my daily devotional, something I have been doing since a few days and it helped me so far. Gives me different thoughts. Calm & peace. But it didn’t take long until those thoughts faded to a dull, grey Sunday morning.

Some days nothing seems to enlighten us.

On some days the world doesn’t give back what you put in.

On some days the world is a battlefield IF you participate in it. Just don’t give in.

Not every day has to be the happiest and best day in your life. Some days just have to be dull and grey in order for us to appreciate the little enlightenments and the good days. IF every day would be the same happy, great, sunshine & unicorns, we would get bored so easily of it. So cherrish the grey and dull days.


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