The right time is never

Let me tell you about my pet peeve. Some certain things need to be special in my life. Every time I buy a book I wrap it as a present until I have the time to read it. Because of most of the time I already read a book but still buy new ones. Then I think “I’ll open it up until I have really time ahead to read”. The same went for videogames. But truth is the right time never comes and I wasn’t reading as much as I could have. Because I waited. I know this is weird but I put a lot of value onto books. It took me a long time to buy an eBook but I know what really matters is the content, not the way it is printed on paper or digital.

The same goes for working out. Wanna do sports? Yeah, you are just waiting for the moment when you will have enough time or money, or new moon, or sunshine, or when nothing good is on TV. But honestly? You are going to wait forever and put it off and off, because the right time will never come. Do whatever you want to whatever time.

Wanna start a business? You could wait another year or two just because you think the time is not right yet. Are you sure you aren’t going to wait another year after that?

Wanna learn a language? Start now, not when you retire because, you know, maybe you are never going to retire.

Now is always the best time to do whatever you wanted to do and pass off.
It’s now or never anyway!


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