Wanting to have it all

In todays society you seem to a have need for having it all. You need a great job, kids, a big house, traveling to foreign countrys but still know every new hip thing and read every new book. Multiasking is great but with it comes great responsiblity. (That’s the most lame pun ever here. Sorry for that)

When I started to study the subject I did my bachelor in I thought it was great to have widespread skills. The subject was a hybrid between journalism, engeenring and marketing/PR and I thought people must demand that major a lot. I was never so wrong. After I graduadeted from college I applied to hundreds of jobs but no one wanted me nor wanted to pay me (but that’s a different story). To be a know-it-all is not such kind of a benefit than you might think. I thought I need to know it all but that didn’t only go wrong it also drained everything.

To be an expert in a certain field is much more beneficial!
The same goes with restaurants. Going to a chinese restaurant that also sells burgers? Oh, boy, don’t bother to try those burgers nor the fries.

If you are a specialist or an expert in certain field you REALLY know your stuff because you don’t have the need to know everything in more fields.

There is no know-it-all. No one knows everything! Absolutely no one.

And it’s okay not to know everything! And it’s okay not to own everything!
And it’s okay not to follow every trend! And it’s okay not to go everywhere!

Who determines what you have to know and do anyway?
The answer is quite shallow: No one.

The same goes for hobbies. Oh, well, I have pursued a lot of them. A lot, a lot but I never aimed to be really, really good in one of them. I learned an instrument, I put it off. I pursed art, I put it off. I played video games for the majority of my life, not anymore. I rode horses, I (sadly) had to put it off.
The fact is: You don’t need to do everything. It’s great to try things out. Gives you more experience but you can’t do it all at the same time the same amount you want to. The day only has 24 hours and you have even less energy than that.
I always wanted to do it all in one day: Play video games for hours, read pages to no end and write a glory novel everyday. This actually makes me laugh.

We all want everything. We want it all!
But it’s okay if we don’t get it.
And sometimes it’s just right to do just one thing at a time!


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