All odds

Sometimes we find ourselves with all odds stacked against us. We fail. We disappoint others. We disappoint ourselves. Others disappoint us. We don’t look the way we want. We don’t do what we actually want to do and overall everything sucks.
Sounds familiar?
Well, this is life. You can either way give in and be sad, or rejoice and be awesome instead. (no pun intended)
Life’s little challenges can really be hard and devastating. It’s hard to still believe in yourself but that’s the only thing you can do. It’s okay to be sad, disappointed and grumpy. It’s okay to cry if you feel like it. Do it!
After that you close your eyes, blend everything out, figure out the next step and then:

You get up and you show up!

I know it’s hard when you feel devastated but life is tough for everyone once in a while or always and yet we are here. The least thing you can do is to get up and show up. A motivational trick. Once you showed up, you can get ahead anyway, after all you showed up.
Just put on your workout clothes and you are more likely to actually work out.
Sit down in front of you preferred writing tool and you are more likely to write something and you are going to show up every single fucking time!

Remember: You are more than the odds that surround you!


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