our empty holes

„We buy things to fill our empty holes“ –

Caroline Channing, 2 broke girls

There is something about TV shows that you can find truths in it. I love 2 broke girls. It’s just somehow so inspiring that someone has lost everything but doesn’t sit around and cry. No, Caroline Channing doesn’t give up. She looks for every opportunity she can find. May sound desperate to others, for me it’s just inspiring.
This particular Christmas episode has struck me the most true. We DO buy things to fill our empty holes inside of us. BAM! You may disagree with me, but I don’t care. I know it’s the truth because I have felt that way. I have bought things to make me feel better. (Economy, you are welcome)
I bought food to make me feel better. I bought clothes and jewelry to make me feel better. I bought video games to make me feel better. The hell name anything you want. Did I really need those things in the first place? Of course not!

We live in an overflowing society where people buy 10 books a week just to read none of them and have a hundred of them at home anyway. We have so much that we want more. It’s like crack to us. We have enough clothes but still want more and the latest fashion. We have enough furniture but continue to buy more. We have enough video games but we continue to buy new ones. I’m a 100% sure every gamer has games he/she hasn’t completed. The pile of shame.
We live in a society where everything is just a click or a credit card away. It’s just so easy and yet we barely take a look and appreciate the things we already have. Instead we continue to buy more stuff to shove it down the empty hole. Materialistic things make us happy for a small time slot until we need more.

But what does truly fill this empty hole anyway? What makes it stop being empty and close down a bit?

I’d say this is an individual thing but writing this, love is the only answer that comes up to me. Love for others. Love for myself. If you are truly satisfied, content and happy with yourself then you have no need to shove something down the empty hole. You realize that everything you need is already inside of you, not the clutter around you. Uh, sounds highly esoteric right? Yeah it freaking does but this is my truth. Of course I still buy things but I hate clutter more then I like those things so I revaluate a lot before I buy something and more than often I look at the stuff I already have or use something I haven’t used for a long long time. (Nostalgic playing old video games or reread a book I loved years ago)

You don’t need more of everything. You need less of a lot. You are more than enough.


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