Falling right into the devils trap

No, I didn’t get a visit from Sam and Dean Winchester and this is not really about the devil. Oh, well, depends on how you want to put it. You can give people a bazillion of good advices and yet you struggle to follow them yourself. I’m not telling you that I don’t mean what I write. I totally do! But lately life was like a straight out power walk into the devils trap. I struggled, I was lured and I fell.
Sometimes I like to think there is a little demon inside of me rubbing his hands in glee, waiting for me to fall right into his claws. And oh boy, he’s a bitch! Laughing at me and yet life isn’t black and white. Yes, you are going to feel your great self, everything goes smooth, you only have the best intentions and then you will feel like your worst self.
Life isn’t a constant line of “being saint” (Sorry, couldn’t find a more fitting word).

Life is about being human and being human has it’s ups and downs. Don’t feel bad for it. Don’t beat yourself up for it. You can’t outrun the devils trap, but you can walk away one step at a time.


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