It’s never too late

While other kids learned to read music sheets in school I just didn’t get it. I just didn’t. Ever since I can’t read music notes whatsoever. I tried to learn bass guitar at the age of 15 but I gave it up pretty quickly after I didn’t see any progress (oh boy, have I been wrong about learning something).

My entire life long it bothered me not to be able to read music sheets or have any idea about rhythm. Now I’m 26 and a recent realization made me think that I have absolutely no idea how long I will live overall and that I will have never more time then now. That’s why I will start to learn it now.

I’m sure everyone has that one certain thing (or many) that you always wanted to learn or do in your life but you always shoved it to the future. How long will you do this? No one knows when he/she is going to die so shouldn’t you seize the opportunity now before it’s too late?
It may not be common in our society but there are people who go to college at a very late age because they always wanted to and now is always a good time to start.
You may not become the next Einstein or Beethoven but who am I learning how to read music notes for? For me! I do not consider going for a musical career or anything but I want to learn it because I always wanted to learn it. Just for me.

What did you procrastinate on learning until so far? Or something you wanted to start for so long?
What sparks my motivation is to read some tips for help or read about other people learn something and their progress.


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