Cats are great masters

We have a cat. Or mainly my parents have a cat. Cleopatra, the Siamese. I love her as much as she is distressing. In case you know about siamese cats you know what I’m talking about.
Last week she taught me a lot of things.

Cleopatra gets her dinner as soon as one of us is eating and since we all have different schedules I gave her her plate when I sat down onto the couch with a plate for myself.
While I switched on the TV and grabbed my phone to check social media, Cleopatra dug into her food.
While I was sitting there looking for the right show to watch, checking emails, my plate on my lap, Cleopatra ate without a side glance.
Except at some point I was starring at her until she was done and when she was, she licked her mouth and left.
Until I got to eat my food was cold. That’s how much I distracted myself while my cat doesn’t even know what a distraction is. She just ate. That was her main priority that moment.
Why am I distracting myself then during something so important like eating food? Something that is essential to live.

And THIS is exactly what is wrong with me, everyone else and society.
Ever sat in a restaurant and took a look around you to see how many people are sitting there starring down at their phones instead of JUST appreciating the food or talk to the person who is right in front of them?
I see that every day.

I like Youtube and I like to watch other peoples life but what I see is that those things who are life saving are pushed back a lot. Even while in bed people only care for social media, games or any distraction that they can get instead of JUST focusing on their sleep.

We set our priorities in the total wrong directions in todays society and modern world. Instead of appreciating life we seek distraction because we are trained to do so. We grew into it. I’m the hell sure I wasn’t like this when I was a kid. When I was a kid I had the main priority to eat when it’s dinner time. No TV or toys allowed. Bed was a toy free zone expect for some stuffed plush animals.

Cats don’t know those things. They sleep even if birds or mice dance on the table right next to them. Because when it’s time to sleep, it’s time to sleep. They eat and only eat. They walk where they want. They don’t seek distractions. They only seek what is essential to live.

When did we stop to seek and mind our life essentials; make them a priority?


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