Do you sometimes feel like drowning in a world of too much? In your life? We try to cram as much in as we can. Break habits, get habits, be more productive, more motivated, stay in touch with everyone and the whole world and then we drown. We don’t even realize it until something requires us to be still. Until a certain life event requires us to be patient, to listen and we drown and drown in a world full of buzz. We drown in others (news), we drown in constant noise (the media) and we drown in ourselves.

Until we finally learn to shut it out and listen to ourselves. Shut out everything around us and find a way to swim within us. No matter how old you are and how much you tell yourself you have yourself figured out I assure you: you haven’t. You can be a hundred years and yet discover something new. Age doesn’t make you wise or pulled together. It only shows how many years you spend as a resident on earth. Listening makes you wise. Listening to yourself. Being quite in a world of noise.

I once thought I have to be a know-it-all. Know everything about every social media thing, the news, common knowledge, literature, music, art, people. I thought I need it to thrive because the world requires me to. You know what? The world can go and do that alone but not me.

I still want to know it all when it comes to literature, simply because it’s my hobby but else wise I’d rather be a good listener, a good friend, a good daughter. The world outside there will still be there then, it always will. The media won’t shut down if you stop listening to it for a while. The internet grows every day a thousand fold and it will still do then. You can never catch it all, so why don’t you just catch what’s really important: You!

Catch yourself before you drown. Lift yourself to the surface or anything that needs to breath.

The world will still be there then; you’re not missing out on anything.


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