Living a creative life

I felt inspired by Elizabeth Gilberts book “Big Magic” and her podcast “Magic lessons”. The latest topic she discussed in her podcast hit me the most. The topic was “Who Gets To Decide Whether You’re A Legitimate Artist?”. I’ve been falling in this kind of catatonic questioning myself as well lately.

I claim to be writer but yet I feel like a fraud because I’m not writing eight hours a day or get money for it. I discussed this with a friend who pursues drawing, writing, crafting and we both want to make our creative outlets into paying jobs. I told her how much a fraud I feel like and she said that it doesn’t matter how many hours you write or not, if you write, you are a writer. That was the end of story for her.

Since Elizabeth Gilberts book is about a creative life more than an actual art form (writing, painting, poetry or whatever). It doesn’t limit itself to one certain art form.
I never stopped and thought about how creative my life already really is. That it’s not only about putting words onto paper but also about that I get inspiration from EVERYTHING. I’m not kidding. The most mundane and minor things can inspire me so much.
I researched so much about the habits of other authors, how they are mastering their life because I thought if I recreate that I would be a total legitimate author and write more but I was wrong. I came to the conclusion that it’s really more about living a creative life instead of limiting yourself to just typing words into a word pad.

That’s probably why everything creative speaks so much to me. Music, art, painting, crafting, books, flowers I don’t know what else. I pursue crafts because I like doing something with my hands to an aesthetic outlet. The same with painting/coloring. I pursue writing because I love to paint with words and it ignites my soul in a way nothing else does.

In case you ever felt or feel like a fraud. You are not! Not others are our real enemies. We are our own demons. The time and energy spend on telling yourself you are a fraud could be used and saved for pursuing what sparks your soul. You are not your profession. You are the life you lead. If you’re a writer and don’t feel like writing then maybe it’s best to take a break and not beat yourself up about writers block.

If you fell into a reading slump then take a break or reread a favorite. Sometimes all you need is to go out and take a walk and especially take the time to see your thoughts wander. Maybe they lead you somewhere you wouldn’t have gotten else wise.

Hi, my name is Kristina and I’m a freeweeling creative person and no ones gonna label me but me. There I’ve said it, in black and white and the internet never forgets.


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