I dreamed a dream…

no this is not about your life goals that are also called “dreams”. This is about the dreams at night when we sleep. The dreams when the darkness awakes and cats are grey. Dreams fascinate me. Ever since I can remember my dreams are very vivid. Sometimes I write them down. Sometimes I forget them as soon as I wake up. Sometimes I’m able to re-enter a dream after I woke up at night.

I’ve been a knight with armor on a pegasus back. I’ve been a preacher that marries two people. I’ve been a lion. I’ve been the mother of twin boys. I’ve been a human and many more.

The dreams I remember most are either the one I’m able to fly. Whether by myself or with the aid of wings or winged companions. The other dreams I remember the most are the ones where I run away. I run and run and run being chased by an unknown force. Sometimes they take shape in other people, wolves, shadows or just a feeling that I have to run away or “they” get me. To a certain point I can influence my dreams and I remember the thought pattern that was involved in it but it takes an awful lot of energy.

Some nights I wake up drenched in sweat, breathless and very annoyed. But I would never want to trade those dreams in. Some of them have inspired me to write stories about. Some leave me puzzled and looking up explanations in Google.
I love to listen to the dreams my friends tell me about. They are fascinating. It’s fascinating what our subconscious can come up with at times. In what outcome it’s trying to work through things.

If you like feel invited to talk about your dreams here. I would love to hear them!


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