It’s the end (of the month) as we know it

So let’s see where I’m heading. For anyone who was questioning how I would track this: I put everything in my weekly habit tracker in my bulletjournal and then log it into a monthly tracker.

1. Reading:
I read the whole month every single day except for 3 days. I’m surprised by myself because I always struggled to fit reading into my day but here is where the saying: “What you do on a daily basis matters more than what you do once” rings true. And the internet doesn’t count as reading. Not to me.
I get an A on this one and I will make point to continue that well.

2. Buying minimalistic:
Well I bought things this month and I successfully didn’t buy things this month. I bought skills if you like to say so. I put the money into a new Japanese class that I (sadly) have to take for university. I love the Japanese language but it’s scary to be a beginner again because now I pursue business level Japanese and that’s a whole lot different so I have to catch up on everything I did before. But Japanese still makes me very happy.
Of course I also bought other things. I’m not perfect on this one but those things are things that come in handy and will be used.
I give myself a B for it. (Rating myself feels strange)

3. Writing:
I would probably expelled from school at this point.
I fail big time on this. Now I’m a reader but not a writer. Everyone tells you if you want to be a writer read a lot. Well now I read a lot but I don’t write a lot. This advice clearly fails for me. I give myself a D for it because I definitely want to improve here. I do. That’s why I will be taking part in the annual NaNoWriMo again in November. I’m so looking forward to it even though the end of the year is pretty stressful but I will and want to make writing a priority in my life.

4. Being mindful/put in the extra step/permission to enjoy:
Still struggling with this but something else I practice now is following my intuition more often to see that I CAN trust myself. I started to meditate and so far I really like it. I never thought I would but I do. I even crave it. I don’t do it because I’m waiting for an epiphany to happen during it. There will be no light showing up and a voice that tells me secret of life but at the beginning of the week I saw a documentation about gurus in India and one of them said (non quotation): “We are all gurus. We clutter up ourselves with bad feelings, outer expectation, war, materialism and meditation carves away all of that to make place for our inner self.” This resonates with me greatly and was the main starting point for me to meditate.
Still working on the permission to enjoy and just be in the moment.

5. Health:
I did something for my back and my feet to fight the recurrent issues but my diet couldn’t be worse as of now. Lots of fast food and carbs. I have to change this because I know it’s bad but I can improve if I would just cook real meals. This goes into the category of ‘taking the extra step’.
I get a C – D on this one. (and supplements don’t count as healthy diet)


There is definitely room for improvement here and I will make point to continue to and not give up so easily.



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