The power of choice

In the past couple of weeks I developed a guilty pleasure: lurking in a certain gossip forum about vloggers. Last year I started to subscribe to a whole bunch of J-Vloggers. (Foreigners who live in Japan making daily videos about their life and Japan)

Three weeks ago I unsubscribed them all and a few other Youtubers. Don’t get me wrong I still love Japan dearly and Youtube has slowly but steadily become my #1 entertainment since German TV doesn’t offer anything remotely interesting to me and the quality dropped majorly in the past years. (There will never be a second Buffy and shows are canceled really fast. Sometimes even before a season ended) BUT their content simply doesn’t speak to me anymore. They don’t serve me anymore and I kind of “grew” out of them. I follow people who declutter and clean, to people who educate about mental health, to people who make music, paint or craft.

I not only declutter my physical stuff frequently but also people I follow around on the internet and that don’t serve me anymore. And that’s the beautiful thing about the internet: It’s a choice! We have the choice what we want to see or read on the internet. Since I made my second Instagram account that sparked a lot joy I kind of not feel the same about my bookstagram account anymore. Bookstagram and my side job at bookstore made me buy more books than I ever did before. I still have those books even though they are still unread I keep most of them. I know one day I’ll read them and then they’ll bring me joy. But through that instagram account I also learned that fiction and fantasy are no longer my genre of choice. Nothing is as constant as change! Now I love love love scientific textbooks, popular science and the self help section can’t be big enough for me.

I don’t have a subscription of Netflix, Maxdome or any other streaming service because they as well don’t offer enough of what I want to watch and put money on it. (Not on such a tight financial schedule of a student) (to everyone not from Germany: The German Netflix or Amazon video doesn’t offer the same content it does in other countries. We get the short end of the stick because Germany doesn’t invest in a lot licenses and nothing seems to be offered without German dub. A real pity! #firstworldproblem)

But that’s the beauty of it! You are not forced to it. It’s your choice to see and get what you want. You can walk into a bookstore to the magazine rag and don’t have to buy any of them. You can do with your money AND time AND recourses what you want.

When I was 15 I had a monthly subscription of two Japanese magazines about J-pop music: Fools Mate and Cure. Back then this subscription made the most of my pocket money vanish and after a couple of months I realized that those pretty magazines ended up on my shelf sooner than later and where never touched again. I couldn’t even read them! (I may know more Japanese now but not enough for those magazines) I unsubscribed them and never regretted it. I still have them. They are in a box in my parents attic and I will probably never touch them again but I hold a lot of precious memories to this phase of my life.

In a world that is overflowing with things, stuff and opportunities some never realize how much power they hold by simply choosing. That’s why so many companies play with the choice of people and try so so hard to affect it so they can squeeze money out of you. In the end it’s still on us WHEN we take the time to stop and think about why we get the things we get and question if this serves us still.
And this gossip website? I deleted the bookmark and blocked the site. Not only is gossip a bad thing in general; this site had too much space in my mind and my mind is what’s really precious to me. At one point the mind palace might be full and then I don’t want to face the shit I put in there or dust all of it. It tends to get kind of messy in there.

Get rid of what doesn’t serve you! You hold the power to.


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