No, you’re not in control of your life

I’m done with empty promises and lies. I’m sure you have heard the saying:

You’re the one in control of your life! You are your own boss! Only you can change your life!

Well here is the truth no one wants to talk about: You are not in control of your life. Your life depends on the mercy of others.
Harsh isn’t it but it’s true. If you look underneath the blurry promise you see that your life indeed depends on others. Your life depends on your parents to have sent you to a school. Your life depends on a bank to get you a student loan. Your life depends on someone to employ you. Your life depends on someone to be able to feed yourself. Because else wise you would just starve. Your life depends so much on others that when one thing cracks everything ripples apart.
Your safety depends on others not to kill you and others who know how to prevent that.

Your food depends on someone producing that and someone else to give you the money to buy it and feed yourself.
Your warmth depends on the exploitation of the planet and other who produce your clothes. (No matter the circumstances they suffer)
Your happiness depends on as less worry as you can have.
Your hobbies depend on someone to produces supplies for it or offering a workshop.
Your health depends on others studying medicine to become doctors.
You social status depends on other people being elected to lead.

If there wouldn’t be someone to have send you to school, someone to employ you, someone to love you. You wouldn’t be anywhere. Feed me those lies where you tell me that everything you need lies within yourself. Thanks but no thanks. I’m done with new age lies and empty promises. Your life depends on others. Point.
You say: Let go of what you can’t control!
Well, that’s actually the reason I’m where I’m. And now I’m done with it.
But there is hope on this side of the universe:

Other peoples life also depends on you!

Whether you are a parent, a pet owner, a boss, a student. Other people’s lives are in your hands to make it better or worse. We all rely on the mercy of others and other rely on our mercy. And that’s damn assuring because it means you have power. Power that you where blind to. This has no judgment to it. It’s neither good or bad. It’s what you make with it. It’s on you to make others life easier and nicer as much as it is on others to make your life easier and nicer.

It begins with the small things:
Being polite and respectful to others. Smile to make one persons day better. Do your job so someone that relies on you isn’t frustrated with you or their lives aren’t falling apart because you miss out to do something you have been assigned to. You can lend an helping hand or ear to someone in despair to make their life better because they might not have anyone they can turn to.

Earning money so you can feed your pet, ensure the economy or send your kid to school which probably relies the most on you than on anyone else.

The truth is still that you depend on others and others depend on you. If there wouldn’t be teachers no children would be taught. If there wouldn’t be doctors you would just die of a cold. If there wouldn’t be bosses you would never earn money. If there wouldn’t be banks you could never go self-employed or start a business.
So stop feeding yourself that lie, because part of adulting is accepting the lies we have been fed as children and move on.

And this is my peace declaration with it.


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