Delete – Yes? No?

A few weeks ago Facebook told me I’m on it since 7 years. That was a shock and an awakening. A shock because time passes too quickly for my liking and an awakening because I’m not the same person I was 7 years ago.

Yesterday I deleted all my likes from pages in one go. Facebook has long stopped to be a tool for me and has become a drag. I wish I could just delete my whole profile but because of university and other friends that I can only reach through Facebook I’ll stay but that doesn’t keep me from cleaning up my feed. I deleted old photos and screenshots and erased 646 liked pages. How the hell did so many pile up? (And yes I still want to become a social media manager because something can be your job but you don’t have to do it personally.)

The pages I liked 7 years ago are not the pages I care about anymore now because nothing is more stagnant than change. (And I’m every online marketers hell) Think of how much power your like holds! Now my feed only shows the updates from a small handful of groups and friends postings which aren’t many because most of us have moved on to other social media or just got rid of it as a whole. I haven’t posted anything on my own Facebook wall for SO long. Farewell Facebook, I outgrew you.

I unfollowed, unsubcribed and unliked on all of my social media account everything that doesn’t serve me anymore. But as I was unliking all pages I wondered if I turned bitter. Which is (if you would know me personally) a totally bollocks thought and yet I felt like I turned bitter. But then again it’s my account. I can tailor it as much as I like!

But it’s not only my online presence. It’s also my place. When I look around it does not reflect me anymore but I’m too poor to change my interior just that easily and I will be in the future. So I just sell, throw away or donate what I can get rid of. I sold my XboX because I haven’t played any game in 3 years and I don’t feel any attachment to video games anymore. (and of course I could use the money)

Smaller things go into a box but there is this huge pile that makes the task at hand climbing Everest. I neither can find the time nor the energy to declutter everything and tidy every single room up. It’s more like a smaller every day decluttering (like donating old but still good clothes or throwing away ripped clothes).
My wardrobe no longer neither represents me nor are those the clothes I would like to wear but as a student I buy one clothing item in 6 months. That has to do. Even though I wish I could just throw everything out and fill it with new ones but that will remain a wish. And yet I’m so utterly thankful to even have stuff to declutter and donate because so many people have nothing!

My life does not represent the person I am now anymore. My appearance nor my outer world does represent me or my aesthetics and feels like it hasn’t caught up with who I am on the inside and to realize that (thanks to Lucy Moon!) was a major relieve.
Since more than a year I was having this underlying feeling of dread but I couldn’t point my fingers on it until I watched Lucy Moons video and this was eye opening. Someone finally put this feeling into words and now I know where the root lies and am able to work on it.

Because change is the only constant.


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