It’s the end (of the month) as we know it – October edition

(I put everything in my weekly habit tracker in my bulletjournal and then log it into a monthly tracker)

Wow what an intense month that ends with a short holiday. Two exams are over. One that I passed and I have no idea yet about the second one. I have no result yet. Things gone wrong, things I go through, great things happened. For example I met someone really helpful who I’m glad to have met. I took a step further in healing and a step towards self-care.

The stray cat we have since March made a huge step forward – towards us. He really likes to cuddle now and does not run away immediately when there is no food involved. He now recognizes us, comes towards us and demands cuddles and meows. He even lies down on the sofa next to us without any biggie like he did this forever. I’m curious where this all will go in the next months.

1. Reading:
I read far less than last in September but that’s because I studied a whole lot everyday that my brain wasn’t capable to contain any more information.
The large gap for consecutive days tells me I deserve a C. I don’t mind but I’ll take the note to better myself for November.

2. Buying minimalistic:
I should cut this category. As a constant broke student I didn’t get to buy anything than the necessaries. No, I still leave this in here. Holds me a bit more accountable than just saying: “Screw it all!”
I didn’t buy physical stuff but I bought a movie ticket to experience something and I paid off my Japanese language course. So less materials, more experiences. oh wait, that’s not quite true. I bought myself a treat after every exam.
Still a B I would say. Maybe a B-

3. Writing:
Not as much as I could have but still more than a long while ago. Not perfect yet so I rate it as a C.
Now NaNoWriMo started today. I’m not sure if I can make it but I’ll definitely participate in it.

4. Being mindful/put in the extra step/permission to enjoy:
Made a huge step in permissions. I went outside the house for most days of the month and enjoyed watching Doctor Strange.
What I ultimately want to keep and do more is meditation. It gives me a lot and I like to do it. I just have to remind myself to do it daily.

5. Health:
I went outside and walked nearly every day. My diet is still pretty meh. Halloween didn’t help with it…
I caught up on annual medical appointments. Maybe a B for effort.

Even though those posts might get repetitive they do hold me accountable and I start with good intention into a new month knowing what to improve.


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