It’s the end of it as we know it

The year is already two days old and I failed to publish this entry. So far for new resolutions and habits to stick with. As you can see they don’t.
What shall I say about the end of the year that hasn’t been said by countless of people?
There is actually one thing that stands out to me: I became friends with two people that enriched my life and added to it in a very positive way and I’m SO glad and feel so blessed to have met them.
It has been quite a year. The good, the bad and the ugly. It had it all.

Looking back at December 2016 for now:
oh boy, has that been a month! A very very stressful that’s for sure but also a very very great one. The first perfect Christmas since years because I’m not the same person I have been before. So many things changed internally. I could fully enjoy it! (And my inner sloth, too!)

I made people happy and that made me happy. That’s what I truly treasure.
I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions because one can change their life all year at any time and not just once but I do enjoy the thought of a clean slate. Just take a deep breath. Do you smell it? The clean slate.
There is only one thing I will do and the word for 2017 I chose:

START (with capital letters)

START everything you want.

START to use everything. No saving up things anymore. Use those stickers, use those colors, read that book, watch that show. There is no future point you are waiting for. (except for death) Time passes all the same and it’s a lot less wibbly woobly. It passes whether you do anything or not but what matter is: in the future you will be older and you will never run out of things to read/do/watch/use. There will always be something. Just look at the stack of unread books.

Just start. The most difficult is always the beginning. If you got over it, it’ll be more easy.

No wise words this time except: 2017, you just wait and see!


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